Weeks Bay Watershed

Fish River and Magnolia River drain into Weeks Bay

The Weeks Bay Watershed Complex

(Upper Fish River, Middle Fish River, Lower Fish River, Magnolia River)

A number of water quality and quantity issues have been documented within the Weeks Bay Watershed over the past several decades. Population growth and urban development, as well as some agricultural practices, have continued to intensify problems in the Watershed’s four principal Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC 12) subwatersheds: Upper Fish River, Middle Fish River, Lower Fish River, and Magnolia River.

Latest News

3/19/2020 - The MBNEP receives award from NFWF Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund to restore conditions in and around Lower Fish River Watershed streams

11/18/2017 - The Weeks Bay Watershed Management Plan
Weeks Bay Watershed Management Plan
Weeks Bay Watershed Management Plan Appendices

12/12/2016Fish River Watershed Assessment, Pre-Restoration Report-Marlon Cook

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Weeks Bay Watershed Information

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A Watershed Management Plan is an essential first step in preserving water quality in a relatively pristine, tidally-influenced watershed and mitigating the impacts of future development pressures. The watershed planning process utilizes a stakeholder-led process to characterize existing conditions, identify and prioritize problems, define management objectives, and develop and implement protection or remediation strategies as necessary. 

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