West Fowl River Watershed

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A Draft Watershed Management Plan for the West Fowl River Watershed has been released. A public comment period will end on May 1, 2019. All comments should be sent to MBNEP's Watershed Protection Coordinator, Christian Miller, cmiller@mobilebaynep.com

Download Draft Plan:
West Fowl River Watershed Management Plan DRAFT (PDF - 45.4MB - 1/3/2019)

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West Fowl River Watershed Sediment and Water Quality Assessment, 2017
West Fowl River Stakeholder Survey

Reporting Period ending June 30, 2016

A Watershed Management Plan is an essential first step in preserving water quality in a relatively pristine, tidally-influenced watershed and mitigating the impacts of future development pressures. The watershed planning process utilizes a stakeholder-led process to characterize existing conditions, identify and prioritize problems, define management objectives, and develop and implement protection or remediation strategies as necessary. 

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