Comprehensive Conservation & Management Plan 2013-2018


Final CCMP 2013-2018

Assessment of 2002 CCMP Implementation
Assessment of Stressor Impacts on our Coastal Environment
Citizen Input Comments from Community Meetings
Community Attitudes Assessment
Recommendations for Consideration for the Next CCMP
Coastal Planning Summit Raw Data

Post Coastal Planning Summit Survey
Assessing Areas for Restoration and Conservation


What do Citizens Value about Living on the Coast?
1. Access: Access Points 2001
2. Beaches: Shoreline Change Rates 1996-2008
3. Fish: Survey of Alabama's Coastal Rivers and Streams for Fish of Conservation Concern
4. Heritage and Culture: Alabama's Coastal Connection Corridor Management Plan
5. Resilience: Community Resilience Index
6. Water Quality: Stormwater Perspectives ReportStormwater Perspectives Input