Management Conference

The Mobile Bay NEP Management Conference consists of four constituent committees: Community Action Committee, Community Resources Committee, Government Networks Committee, and Project Implementation Committee. A Science Advisory Committee of experts from the various scientific disciplines provides insights and a sound basis to be used by the other committees in their decision-making processes. A Finance Committee advises on raising the non-federal matching dollars to implement activities of the CCMP. An Executive Committee – made up of representatives from each of the four main committees, EPA, the Science Advisory Committee, the Finance Committee  and three at-large members – develop policies on issues and funding, reviews/approves work plans and budgets, evaluates the performance of the Director, and sets financial goals for non-federal share. 

A key principle of the Management Conference is to coordinate and cooperate with other ongoing resource management activities to avoid unnecessary duplication.  In this regard, the program office plays a major role in coordinating estuary projects and outreach activities, thus providing a farther–reaching benefit than that of simply CCMP project management.

Executive Committee
Government Networks
Science Advisory
Project Implementation
Business Resources
Community Resources
Community Action